Project Overview

On Bidvine, you outlined the following about your project:

  • Requested service: Interior Design

  • Project Scope: 1 -2 rooms

  • Spaces to design: Living room

  • Approximate size:  less than 50 sqm

  • Design Services: Space planning/layout, lighting selection

  • Style: Contemporary, midcentury modern



Layout Plan:  You will get a finalized layout plan of your space with details, annotations, and dimensions


​Elevations: You could get elevations of specific scenes of your space that include details that you would like to see.

(wardrobes)-master bedroom-1.jpg

3D Renders: We could create realistic 3D renders for you that includes all the selected furniture, colors, and details.

MeatClub Restaurant_View (5).jpg

Work Execution: After finishing the design, our recommended contractor can give a quotation for executing the work. This can be including or excluding materials.

Site Supervision: for an extra assurance for you that your project will be executed 100% as per the design. We would visit the site once a week and follow up with the contractor's work and execution process.


Design Consulting: The selection of colors, materials, flooring, furniture, and accessories.​ You will see how everything feels together in an interactive mood board along with a shopping list of your chosen products.



Weeks 1-2:  Design Consulting 

Weeks 3-4: [If requested] Layout plan drawing, revisions, and modifications​s

Weeks 5-6: [If requested] elevations drawing, revision, and modifications

Weeks 7-8: [If requested] 3D rendering, revisions, and modifications


Fee Break Up

2D Layout Plan: ​                                                 £100

1 x layout plan of your space

Elevations:                                                              £100 per elevation

Drawing specific scenes in details

Design Consultation:                                          £200

Furniture, colours, and materials selection

3D Renders:                                                           £300 per room

Visualizing your design in realistic pictures

Work Execution:                                                   Upon request

contractor's quotation

Site Supervision:                                                  10% of the contractor's quotation

Ensuring working is executed to plans

YOUR TOTAL                            £200


Previous Work

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